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BSc Honours Food Science and Technology

About The Programme

Food Science is the study of a coherent and systematic body of knowledge and understanding of the nature and composition of food materials, and their behavior under the various conditions to which they may be subjected. It draws upon Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and other Sciences to form a unique field of study. Food Technology is the application of Food Science to the practical treatment of food materials so as to convert them into food products of the kind, quality and stability, and packaged and distributed, as to meet the needs of consumers for safe, wholesome, nutritious and attractive foods.

This programme provides graduates with a thorough knowledge on all aspects of Food Science and Technology. The programme integrates teaching and research, offering a broad range of interdisciplinary interests and skills

  1. Promote transfer of Food Science and Technology, leading to more efficient utilisation of agricultural resources.
  2. Strengthen the farming sector through promoting conservation and processing of produce to make them economically more remunerative.
  3. Increase food security in Zimbabwe and the region, particularly for vulnerable groups.


  • Food Technologists or Production Managers in Food industries
  • Academics at Universities and colleges
  • Professionals and Consultants for Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and the Government.
  • Some can pursue higher degrees in Universities.
  • Enterprenuers own businesses and consultant firms

Work placements/international opportunities

Food processing laboratories and companies of various manufacturing, agricultural, educational, health industries; government institutions, private sector and international organizations.

Possibilities of pursuing post graduate studies regional and internationally

Normal Entry

Advanced Level passes in Chemistry and/ or Food Science and any of the following science subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics and Agriculture.

Special Entry

A Higher National Diploma in Food Science and Technology, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized

Mature Entry

Persons who are at least 25 years of age for males and 23 years of age for females on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought and who are not eligible for entry under Normal or Special Entry requirements will be considered

How to Apply

Application Forms are obtainable upon payment of a non-refundable fee of fifteen (15) United States Dollars for Zimbabweans and fifty (50) United States Dollars for (foreigners). Application Forms can also be downloaded from [click here]. Online application can be done through the Online application system. Downloaded Application Forms and Online Applications should be accompanied by an Application Fee upon submission. The Application Fee can be paid through the following banks: ZB Bank Chinhoyi Branch, Account Number; 4565 386395 200 and FBC Bank Chinhoyi Branch, Account number; 8511 30400 42840135. Attach the deposit slip to the application form on submission.

In April 2014 the department hosted a MSc foreign student, Adrian, from Wageningen University for 2 months. In an interview with CUT Weekly before leaving the country, Adrian said he was impressed by the standard of education at CUT in particular and Zimbabwe in general. “I really liked working at CUT. It has a very nice environment. The members of staff were very welcoming and willing to help during my research. The students are also quite knowledgeable and much disciplined,” added Adrian,” Chinhoyi is a nice small town reminding me of towns at home. Zimbabwe is generally fully of good people. They welcomed me with an open heart though I am a foreigner. I could communicate with them effortlessly and the country is very peaceful –the opposite of what the media say. I felt really safe and had a good time here.” Source- CUT weekly June 2014

Departmental Research Themes

  1. Value addition of underutilised indigenous fruits, vegetables, cereals and insects
  2. New product development
  3. Food safety and quality management systems
  4. Improved food processing methods and techniques

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