About Us

The School of Art and Design focuses its energies toward the development of the creative arts and design.Its establishment was a direct response to manpower development needs in our manufacturing industries and other economic sectors such as the media industry. The School of Art and Design seeks to create opportunities for excellence in art and design and clothing and textiles needed in Zimbabwe in particular and the world at large. In addition to nurturing creative, proficient and versatile artists, designers and art and design scholars and researchers, the School is committed to promoting the application of technology in art making practice and analysis, the creation o f rigorous scholarship in art and design and the promotion of creative application of art and skills in innovative production design processes in order to meet the demand for highly creative personnel for both the public and the private sectors.

We enjoy a reputation for supplying the creative industries with passionate and knowledgeable graduates who have the imagination and expertise they demand. Everything we do is geared to teaching, supporting and inspiring our students to be as innovative as possible in their chosen fields.

All our degree programmes are guided by the following strategic objectives:

  • To promote the application of technology in art making practices and analyses
  • To facilitate research into the nature and properties of art and textiles materials in order
  • to facilitate their application in industry and in developing new products.
  • To solve communication problems in industry and society by translating ideas and concepts into images
  • To promote the creative skills in clothing and Fashion design in industry.
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