Executive Message

Dikito Anesu
Msc. Computer Science (Malaysia) ,Bsc.Information Systems(MSU) (Executive Director,ICT Department)

ICT's strategy is to continue to offer innovative and trending ICT systems and services in support of the University's themes of quality teaching, technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Flexible ICT helps to attract and inspire Students and Researchers, but requires continued investment in hardware, software and staff for ongoing support, renewal and development. Whilst ICT strives to achieve the budget reductions required to safeguard the University's financial position it is concerned that underinvestment could prejudice the quality, availability and relevance of the ICT service. As the University community you can expect us to listen, adapt, learn and change. Expect us to get better every day to make progress. Great results take time


ICT continues to be subject to a number of conflicting pressures namely:

  1. Sustainable procurement. An increase in opportunistic suppliers renders progress. With the ever tightening budget ICT can only deliver as much what is availed by the University's budget.
  2. Provision of new or updated systems enabling Academics/Administrators to gain Efficiencies and reliability by providing technology that improves the society.
  3. Technology solutions must work and deliver measurable results. Satisfying our demanding Customers' needs for more, evolving IT as described below
Academics continue to need innovative ICT for Research e.g. standard computers, high speed networks (bandwidth), access to HPC (High Performance Computing), data repositories and for teaching, e-learning. They want administration streamlined via better, more task oriented and user friendly IT to free up time to increase their earning potential for innovative research. Students expect innovative, exciting IT increasingly delivered to their own leisure oriented mobile computing devices, access to functional wireless access. They expect access to applications online in real time on time every time