AIM and SCOPE: The Annals of Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal (ASBSJ) is an interdisciplinary journal whose principal goal is to publish insightful and game-changing scholarly work in the social and behavioural sciences. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal for publishing influential and original contributions. ASBS Journal is concerned with all aspects of social and behavioural science and is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of the latest research and best practice in the covered disciplines. It seeks to meet the needs of a wide and discerning audience such as social scientists, behavioural scientists, executives and advisors, and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields covered. ASBSJ is multidisciplinary in scope and interdisciplinary in content.

ASBS Journal Editorial Policy: ASBS Journal seeks to publish research that opens up new frontiers of knowledge in social and behavioural sciences. Contributions should address real-world problems or phenomena cognizant of the need to for solutions and explanation to contemporary puzzles. ASBS is keen to publish papers that interrogate knowledge, old and new, and its propositions. Manuscripts that bring a different perspective at the same time raising the level of inquiry in social and behavioural sciences are encouraged. 

ASBS Journal seeks new insights and publishes works that build on current theories or break free from current theories but immediately stimulate the attention of researchers. The Journal welcomes scholarly manuscripts that address, but are not limited to the following disciplines of social and behavioural sciences, along with their sub-disciplines:

  • Business Sciences
  • Economic Sciences
  • Development Studies
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation
  • Art and Design
  • Social Studies
  • Environmental Studies

Submissions qualify for review if the major theme in the paper focuses attention on one of the above disciplines. Papers do not qualify for review and by extension publication if the above disciplines of interest are secondary and minor in the submission. ASBS Journal welcomes submissions that combine and integrate theories and concepts from different disciplines. Both quantitative and qualitative researches are encouraged. 

Submissions are welcome if they conform to any of the following paper types: empirical paper i.e. a hypothesis testing paper, conceptual and theory development or case-based study. Literature reviews and papers that do not push the frontier of knowledge will not be published in ASBS Journal.  

ASBS welcomes submissions of original work not being considered by another publisher at the time of submission. The submission should not have been previously published unless it is formerly a conference paper that has been upgraded to the level acceptable to the journal. Authors must correctly cite both other authors and themselves. A paper that has been previously rejected by the ASBS journal should not be resubmitted for consideration. As a general policy submissions will be subjected to plagiarism test using software available to the editorial team at the time of submission. The author will be appropriately notified of any concerns pertaining to plagiarism levels.   

BLIND REVIEW: ASBS is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal for publishing influential and original contributions. The author and the reviewer cannot at any point during the review process enter into any form of communication pertaining to the submission.

FREQUENCY OF PUBLICATION: ASBSJ publishes two issues (in May and November) every year. 
DEADLINES: Authors should observe deadlines for articles under review. The author should immediately communicate with the Editor-in-Chief if they cannot meet deadlines. Failure to notify the Editor-in-Chief could lead to withdrawal of the submission. 

COPYRIGHTS: Submission of manuscript implies it has not been published before and it is not under consideration for publication by another publisher. Once the paper has been accepted for publication the authors automatically transfer the copyright to the publisher, Chinhoyi University of Technology.

The deadline to receive articles for November 2019 publication is Monday, 31 July 2019. Article(s) submitted should indicate the correspondence author email address. Articles should be sent