Welcome to the Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate

  • The Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate facilitates technology transfer, protection of intellectual property, industrial liaisons and commercialization of initiatives emanating from the research endeavours within the University.
  • Our mandate is to emphasize the value and protection of the intellectual product and intellectual property in order to facilitate technology transfer. This includes trademarks, trade secrets, utility models, geographic indications, layout designs, breeders rights and traditional knowledge amongst others.
  • The Directorate also reviews and recommends policy issues related to the commercialization of projects, negotiation of license agreements, sponsored research agreements and other forms of research commercialization contracts.
  • Furthermore, we advise and train university staff on intellectual property issues and other issues related in successful technology transfer and commercialisation.
  • We fund promising inventions from the University Innovation Fund with the aim of facilitating the formation of spin-off companies from CUT.
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Please get in touch if you:

  • Cannot find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Want to stay informed about specific areas of interest.
  • Are an investor and would like to consider the suitability of partnering with us in any of the technologies that may emanate from any of our schools.

Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate

Chinhoyi University of Technology
P. Bag 7724 
Phone: +263 67 2129464 
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Mobile: +263 774 871 916
skype: mugabeft


Vision and Mission


To be the world class centre of excellence for technological innovation in Zimbabwe.


To facilitate the transfer of technologies and products of basic knowledge and applied research generated at CUT into commercially viable products through working with University researchers and industry in order to facilitate successful and viable commercialization.


To facilitate Technology and commercialization, which emphasizes on the intellectual property value and protection of the innovative creations generated at the Chinhoyi University of Technology and promotes a culture of world-class innovation and competitiveness within the university.