The IMPET is a research institute at the Chinhoyi University of Technology mandated to focus on applied research relating to materials science and engineering technology. The establishment of the institute resonates well with the Industrialization and modernization agenda of Zimbabwe as it aims at imparting the requisite skills and knowledge on natural resource value addition (materials development) through undergraduate and postgraduate student training. Research in materials science and engineering technology is at the core of the institute with interests in ceramics, polymers, composite materials, electronic/energy materials and metallurgy.

The research activities by the young and vibrant institute are conducted by committed and astute researchers and experienced technical staff. The Institute endeavors to conduct cutting edge technologically oriented research in the field of materials science and engineering technology to provide solutions to national and global challenges. The Institute prides itself in being the hub for materials science and engineering technology in Zimbabwe. The Institute of Materials Science serves as a centre for materials development and innovation covering materials synthesis, processing, characterization and engineering, offering exciting study opportunities in the vast areas of materials.


To be a distinct world-class centre for materials development, processing, engineering and innovation technology


To produce innovative materials scientists and engineers, create knowledge, enhance entrepreneurship and provide community service through quality training and technologically oriented research

  • To focus on scientific discovery towards the design, formulation and synthesis of materials for various applications (health, energy, water, mining, construction); leading to systems that have improved performance and/or provide solutions to existing problems.
  • To be a centre of excellence in mineral resource value-addition and beneficiation
  • To be a centre of excellence in materials engineering and innovation technologies.
  • To be a premier training resource for materials scientists and engineers.
Staff Profiles
Postgraduate Studies

Dating back to the stone-age era, it is evident that every technology depends on materials development and innovation. Thus, in-line with the global technological advancements, the institute offers postgraduate training in materials science and engineering. Materials science and engineering is an engineering discipline ..more

Degrees on offer
Areas of Focus
  • Computational materials
  • Electronic/energy materials
  • Metals and alloys
  • Composites and ceramics
  • Polymers
  • Advanced materials
  • Minerals research
Why study materials

The benefits of materials and innovation can be observed in our daily life experiences through technological advancements, such as, the vehicles that we travel in, the clothes that we wear; the electronic machines in our homes and offices, the sport and leisure equipment we use, the computers and phones that we can’t live without and the medical technology that keeps us alive. ..more