Student Affairs
Counselling Services

Counselling Services

The section aims to provide a comprehensive, psychological, social and emotional counselling and guidance to students, staff and parents. Counselling Services are free and available to all students. Discontinued students and those who have deferred their studies may also come.

Individual or group counselling is offered on a walk in or appointment basis.

Individual Counselling

Sessions are normally brief ranging from 30 -45 minutes. The number of sessions also depends on the issues.

Group Counselling

Group Counselling is given to groups with members ranging from 6-12.Group Counselling usually targets behaviour change. Groups can be formed by students themselves or are formed by the Student Counsellor from willing clients after carefully explaining the advantages of group counselling and getting consent from the respective clients.

Talk shows and discussions on various issues are held every Wednesday to promote the creation of a total being who is equipped with stress management and problem solving skills. Other issues may vary from anxiety and depression, family and/or relationship difficulties.

Peer Counsellors

A Peer Counsellors Club is in place to assist other students who need counselling.

School Counsellors

The section works hand in hand with trained school counsellors who are in most cases lecturers or administrators to assist students in Academic Counselling and other issues affecting students.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 0800 -1630Hrs 

The office is located in Hall Z (Mapinga Hall).

Section Head

Mrs N Makumbi - University Counsellor

Msc Counselling Psychology (GZU) Bsc Counselling (ZOU), Dip Edu – (UZ),
+263 772 818 256 landline 02672127012 email- or