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Student Health Service is one of the Student Affairs section responsible for offering health services to the university community. Its operational centre is housed in the university clinic. The clinic is a registered industrial clinic offering comprehensive primary health care to students, staff and visitors. The clinic is located within the main university campus, adjacent to the canteen.

The clinic offers services seven days a week, twelve (12) hours Monday to Fridays and four (4) hours on weekends during the semester. During semester vacation the clinic is open Monday to Fridays 08.00 to 16.30 hours. One needs a valid medical aide to access services from the clinic.

The following components guide the thrust of service provision within Student Health Services.

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARSH)
  • HIV and AIDS management and care
  • Primary Health Care
  • Preventive Health Care
  • Control and management of communicable diseases
  • Management of chronic conditions

Our Motto is to serve as Guided by the Health Client Chatter

Contact Us

Lynette Bande Senior Nursing Sister in Charge Midwife and HIV tester

+263772910284  eamail  landline 02672127445


Medical Doctor P Mudzengerere                      Sessional Doctor                     0772962384

Sr P Takawira                                                   Deputy-in-charge                    0772110546

RGN R Pumhu                                                  Male RGN and HIV tester         07773053412

RGN W Denhere                                               Male RGN                               0773994115

W Dziwa                                                            Nurse Aide                             0775826460

Nyasha Muranda                                               Technical Assistant                 07774824429