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Off Campus Life and Student Development Programmes

Off Campus Life and Student Development Programmes

The Off-Campus Life Office is committed to supporting the needs and welfare of off-campus students. This is achieved through assisting students to get affordable accommodation, and by initiating programmes that promote good order, discipline and a congenial living and learning environment. There are several boarding houses with high quality facilities such as beds, reading desk and chair, Wi-Fi water, tanks and kitchen facilities.

We provide programmes that keep off-campus students connected to campus activities and services, as well as facilitating the use of community resources, such as halls and stadia by the students. Further, the office helps create positive relations between off campus students and their landlords and the community at large. Our students are the CUT image makers in society, hence the need for them to live responsibly, observing community standards and in full compliance of the university's code of student discipline. We also provide literature and education on safety and security, being a good neighbour and tips on harmonious room sharing as well as managing the social risks that affect off campus students. Our offices are located at the MUNYATI HALL OF RESIDENCE(C)

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Crispen, Mazodze – Director, Off Campus Life and Student Development Programmes

 M.Ed, Grad.CE, Dip.Ed, B.A.Hons, landline 02672129415