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Rehabilitation and Life skills Section

Rehabilitation and Life skills Section

The section aims to provide and address Substance Abuse and Life Skills problems of students and staff during their academic and social life at CUT. Rehabilitation services are free at CUT and comprehensive quality services in terms of Psychological, Social and Emotional Counselling are provided to students, staff and parents in a free and conducive environment.

We strive to be the best and leading anti - drug and alcohol abuse group to avoid risky social behaviour through the harm reduction concept at CUT, in Zimbabwe, Regionally and Internationally and to lead and co-ordinate a motivated team of students / peer rehabilitation educators centred on educational values with great endeavours to nature responsibility of anti- drugs, alcohol abuse and risky social behaviours by modelling an innovative, creative and effective rehabilitation services.

Section Head

Ms Winnie Zembe - Rehabilitation and Life Skills Officer

Masters Degree in Nursing Science Specialised in Psychiatry and Administration , Post Graduate Diploma in Psychiatry, Diploma in General Nursing and Certificate in Family Planning.

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Office Hall V (Chirorodziva) Room G33