Dean`s welcome message (Prof. Edson Gandiwa)

Greetings! On behalf of our staff and students I welcome you to the School of Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation, Chinhoyi University of Technology. We provide innovative and exciting educational opportunities related to the field of natural resources, biodiversity and environmental conservation thus preparing graduates for successful future careers. The School is endowed with highly qualified staff in the diverse areas of its focus and has a robust applied and solution-oriented research thrust. Students get the best in contemporary theoretical and practical exposure during the course of their studies. Currently, the School offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fields related to natural resources, biodiversity and environmental conservation. The School ensures that all programmes have the highest quality and programmes are continuously reviewed in order to align them with national, regional and global demands.

If you are interested in preparing for a career in the field of natural resources, biodiversity and environmental conservation, Chinhoyi University of Technology is the University of choice.

Thank you for visiting our website.


School awards

  • Future Resilience for Cities and Lands (FRACTAL)
  • World Fish
  • International council for science (ICS), Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC)
  • DFID- CIRCLE Programme
About Us

The School of Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation was formerly established in January of 2014 and is the youngest School in the University. It was borne out of a vibrant department (formerly Wildlife and Safari Management) which grew in expertise and outputs beyond the seams of a department to become a fully fledged School. The School therefore showcases quite a diverse range of disciplines in the areas of biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and conflict resolution, sustainable resource use, wildlife ecology, ornithology, aquatic ecology, freshwater and fishery sciences and more.

The School offers degree programs which are unique, tailor-made and innovative in their crafting. The programs are BSc (Hons) Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; BSc (Hons) Freshwater and Fishery Science, Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees

This is because nowhere else in Zimbabwe are these programs offered and this was deliberately cast in order to fill a specific niche in the industry which is to conserve, sustainably manage and utilise our biodiversity and natural resources ... more