Directorate of Graduate Studies
Chinhoyi University of Technology

Directorate of Graduate Studies


Dr. C. Zvidzai [PhD (UZ), MSc (UZ), BSc (UZ), Post Grad Cert. (Kigali)]

Chinhoyi University of Technology comprises of a unique community of scholars imbued with staff and postgraduate candidates who are dedicated to produce quality University education and innovation enough in creation of knowledge that gel with national and international policies. The University strives to be a centre of excellence in higher education through lectures and research of profound contribution to University knowledge.

As a university we aspire for international recognition, through striving to have an effective postgraduate research-intensive University modus operandi. In our endeavour to be a centre of excellence in higher education and producing quality postgraduate research thesis we welcome applications from prospective postgraduate students from outside our country to blend and fuse with other nationals. This is the raison d'etre for the establishment of this Directorate of Graduate Studies to assist the University in the administration of postgraduate research programmes.

We are responsible for the creation of an enabling environment to support and promote postgraduate studies in the University. The Directorate emphasises on a close working relationship between students and their supervisors. It is our hope that this close interaction on advising and mentoring creates a conducive environment for learning and research at the highest level. Our founding remit is to serve as the epicentre for postgraduate studies at CUT. We support Schools/Institutes in the design, delivery and administration of both coursework and research-based graduate programmes. With this view, we are cognisant of the fact that departments and their schools will be custodians of the postgraduate programmes. Our role is to complement and support academic units to instil research responsibility and effective supervision. We support postgraduate studies in ways that foster a culturally and intellectually challenging environment that will realise high quality dissertations.

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in administration and coordination of postgraduate studies and programmes that meet high academic standards.

Our Mission

To administer and coordinate postgraduate programmes in all our academic niches so as to produce well-trained postgraduates with desirable research, academic knowledge, professional, innovative and cultural attributes.

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