Directorate of Quality Assurance
Chinhoyi University of Technology

Directorate of Quality Assurance

Dr R. M. Jingura [PhD (UZ), MSc (UZ), BSc (UZ)

Cognisant of the University's vision to become a world-class centre of excellence for technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and aware of the ever-evolving quality assurance paradigms, Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) underscores its determination to assure quality in teaching, learning, research and community service. To this end, the University established a Directorate of Quality Assurance in 2012

The University affirms its commitment to guarantee the quality of its awards and assurance that the standards of academic provision are safeguarded and continuously improved. Quality assurance in the context of Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) is taken as an all-embracing term covering quality assessment, policies, processes and efforts through which the University's mission is achieved and maintained.

Our Vision

To be the University's prime centre for promotion and development of quality and excellence in teaching, research and community service.

Our Mission

To promote and safeguard the quality and standards of academic provision in teaching, research and community service.

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