CUT Research
Chinhoyi University of Technology

Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor: Business Development and Resource Mobilisation
Professor Francis Themba Mugabe

Research Vision

Chinhoyi University of Technology will be a world class research-intensive university by 2020, identified by an output-based research system that has high impact on the society.

Research Mision

The research mission is to create and disseminate technology-oriented knowledge in order to promote innovation and create wealth, both at national and international levels.

Research Objectives

  • To organize, implement and promote the University's research and knowledge exchange strategies
  • To identify research funding opportunities
  • To assist Schools/Institutes in proposal writing
  • To oversee that the research policy is adhered to
  • To assist lecturers in writing papers for refereed journals
  • To monitor research funded by SERC and produce an annual report on all the research undertaken in the University

Resource Mobilisation Vision

Chinhoyi University of Technology will be a world class research-intensive university, with a proper supplementation of budgetary requirements and income generating projects or programmes by 2020.

Resource Mobilisation Mission

To be able to generate/solicit sufficient funds to fill the gaps due to shortages of Government funding for the University's budgetary requirements annually in the next five(5) years

Resource Mobilisation Objectives

To oversee coordination, planning, development, and implementation of a resource mobilization strategy which engages relevant partners and raises funds

  • To monitor the analysis and management of the relationship with private and global partners as well as all fundraising channels and activities to ensure engaged and long-term partnerships with partners
  • To mobilise resources through coordinating Public Private Sector Partnerships (PPPs), and donations which help to build and develop the University
  • To mobilise external funding by partnering with external funders including international donor agencies

Multi- , inter-, and trans-disciplinary research

In the past two decades, research has evolved from being distinctly disciplinary to being inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary. This evolution has been inevitable as there is increasingly a realization that there are synergies among disciplines and that for a more holistic understanding of society and technology, disciplines need to come together and identify problems and design solutions in collaboration with communities and farmers as partners rather than as subjects. For this reason, the Directorate proactively encourages multi - , inter-, and trans-disciplinary research as a holistic approach to solving day to day world challenges. Our research strategy is to build inter- and multi-disciplinary research clusters within the university, a move that has already been initiated.

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