D Musademba
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We have one of the strongest fuels and energy engineering program not only in the country but in the region as well. The Fuels and Energy Department is firmly dedicated to offering all students an excellent education while pursuing competitive research agendas that are respected by national standards. The
Mr Tawanda Kunatsa
Position :Lecturer
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department holds ambitious research agendas,  publishing in leading energy journals and regularly attending national and international energy conferences. Please feel free to contact us if you any questions regarding our department. 
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Programmes offered within the department

The Bachelor Of Eng (Honours) Degree In Fuels And Energy Engineering


The curriculum for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree in Fuels and Energy Engineering aims at producing qualified Graduate Engineers who possess knowledge and design skills valuable in addressing a world of challenging energy demands; graduates who are innovative, with techno–preneurial skills and with the ability to develop and manage sustainable energy systems in both industry and society.