Eng. E. Manyumbu
Eng. E. Manyumbu 

The School of Engineering Sciences and Technology at Chinhoyi University of Technology is one of Zimbabwe’s top producers of quality Engineering and Information Technology graduates. Engineering being “second nature”, Engineers have the mandate to create what is required by the society from the existing raw creations by the Almighty God. 

Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics as they develop required economical solutions to technical problems of the society.

Engineering by its nature plays a central role in the development of a nation, and Zimbabwe cannot be an exception. The School of Engineering Sciences and Technology spares no efforts in becoming and remaining a premier Engineering School in the country, region and beyond. Our programmes are unique and distinct  and we are dedicated  to our  mandate  of spearheading  cutting edge research, leading to  high quality teaching and  community  engagement.

Having talented people with research competence and professional expertise is an issue of critical importance for a developing country like Zimbabwe. There are many breakthroughs awaiting discovery among engineering fields and I welcome you to the league of disciplined work that reshape our lives. So come join engineering studies and be sure of making some impact to the communities: “a better tomorrow and a brighter future begin with a wise step in the right direction today.”

The School has five Departments namely

  • ICT and Electronics
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Fuels and Energy Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

The School of Engineering Sciences and Technology is at the forefront of conducting basic and applied research, and enjoys national recognition for its work. By focusing on cutting-edge and inter-disciplinary research, the School is experiencing growth in its research. Its research efforts have seen the School benefiting not only the University but the community at large. It is our desire and hope to ensure that our community and nation at large continue to benefit from the research output and graduates from our School.
To enroll into the degree programmes offered by the School one needs 5 “O” level passes including Mathematics and English. Programme specific regulations outline the requirements for enrolment into each of our degree programmes.

Engineer Edson  Manyumbu

Dean – School of Engineering Sciences and Technology