Mr V. K. Muposhi
Position: Lecturer

Muposhi V. K: MSc in Conservation Biology, Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) in Wildlife & Rangeland Management, CERT in Community Based Natural Resources Management

Victor studied for a bachelors’ and masters degree with Bindura University of Science Education where he also worked as a Teaching Assistant from 2006 to 2009 in the Wildlife Unit of the Environmental Science Department. In the year 2010, Victor joined Chinhoyi University of Technology as a lecturer in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department where he was responsible of leading and developing a functional strategy for the new department. Over the years, he has taught courses in wildlife ecology and management, wildlife monitoring and evaluation techniques, wildlife development biology, rangeland ecology, environmental interpretation and assessments among others. Currently he is a staff development fellow with Chinhoyi University of Technology for a Doctor of Philosophy in Conservation Biology. His research is focusing on the molecular and ecological trade-offs of trophy hunting and their implications on conservation of wildlife species in Zimbabwe.

Research Interests: Population ecology, plant ecology, behavioural ecology, nutritional ecology, stress physiology and conservation genetics. Have also a keen interest in the human and wildlife interface and the imperative policy measures for ecosystem values and services and biodiversity conservation.


    1. Muboko N, Chigumira T, Mashapa C, Gandiwa E, Chibememe G, & Muposhi V. K. (2014) Impacts of wood poaching on vegetation structure and composition in Mukuvisi Woodland, Zimbabwe. Journal of Environmental Protection, 5: 156-163

    2. Muposhi V. K., Muvengwi J., Utete B., Kupika O. L., Chiutsi S & Tarakini T. (2013) Activity budgets of Impala (Aepyceros melampus) in closed environments: the Mukuvisi Woodland experience. International Journal of Biodiversity, Volume 2013, Article ID 270454, 8 pages

    3. Utete, B & Muposhi V. K (2012) Aspects of a monosex population of Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings produced using 17-α methyl testosterone hormone. Aquaculture Research & Development, 3:132 doi:10.4172/2155-9546.1000132

    4. Muvengwi, J., Muposhi V., Veremu, K. Mbiba M. & Nyenda T. (2012) The diet of Limnothrissa miodon and zooplankton densities in Sanyati Basin, Lake Kariba. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 1: 480-490

    5. Muposhi, V. K., Muvengwi, J.,  & Mubvuma, F (2012) Population status and distribution of roan (Hippotragus equinus), sable (Hippotraagus niger) and nyala (Tragelaphus angassii) antelopes in the Zambezi Heartland. Zimbabwe Journal of Technological Sciences, 2: 6-22

    6. Muposhi, V. K., Muvengwi, J., Ndambakuwa, H Mwera, P & Chikwanha, S. M. (2008) Investigation of the impact of stocking density on the production of Oreochromis niloticus fry in hapas. Southern African Journal of Education, Science and Technology, 3: 44- 51


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